Blå Station starts the year at northmodern in Copenhagen.

For the first time in many years, we have decided to return as an exhibitor at the Bella Center. The concept northmodern feels new and exciting and it was at the Bella Center thirty years ago Blå Station for the first time exhibited at an international fair. We got a kick-start with contacts on the Japanese market which led to that Japan became our strongest market for many years to come. Blå Station was founded in 1986 by furniture designer Börge Lindau and we celebrate thirty years in 2016! Something we will celebrate in different ways during the year, and we start at the Bella Center where, in a way, it all began...

At northmodern, we present Couronne, our brand new side table designed by Johan Lindau when he planned the decor of our new showroom in Stockholm, which will open during the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016. Couronne is a small, easily placed coffee table that fits sofas and armchairs in many different environments such as bars, hotels and libraries. Couronne is neat in its expression with a table top in black, beige or white, durable mineral-based composite and a heavy base of lacquered steel. Height 55 cm, diameter 37 cm.