At Blå Station we believe quality must be part of the equation at the very birth of each idea. Quality in the intention, the form, the function, the means and the materials. Quality can never be an afterthought.

To maintain the consistently high quality of our products, we always choose the very best materials and components that the market can offer. We choose Swedish-made materials whenever possible, preferably sourced among local suppliers. Thanks to the close, long-term cooperation we enjoy with all our suppliers, we are able to deal quickly and effectively with any quality-related problems that may arise. The fact that we manufacture all our furniture in Sweden – with the exception of moulded polyurethane components, which are produced in Norway – is also a guarantee of high quality. Many of our suppliers are local businesses, which we believe further contributes to our ability to deliver products of the highest possible quality that meet customer expectations in full.


Quality at Blå Station

At Blå Station, we regard quality as a measure of how well we perform, seen through the eyes of our customers. Our constant goal is to make sure that we understand customer needs and supply products that exceed customer expectations. We listen to our customers and never cease in our efforts to introduce lasting improvements in all areas of our business operations.

Management and staff must be aware of customer expectations, and familiar with the laws, requirements and regulations that apply to the products we supply. 

Management is responsible for supporting, coordinating and following up quality assurance work. This means giving top priority to preventive quality work and maintaining a continual focus on working with measures to improve quality.

An important part of our quality work is to give all employees the opportunity to do their job in the best possible way by always providing them with the right equipment and by constantly helping them to develop their skills. It is essential that all employees have a clear understanding of their role, so that they can take responsibility for the quality of their work. Management has a crucial role to play in this process by taking every appropriate measure to clearly delegate rights and responsibilities.

When a quality problem occurs, management and employees will work together to prevent any repetition. Every employee must immediately take appropriate action to correct a quality defect and prevent any repetition 

Blå Station’s quality work is characterised by a firm focus on the customer, personal accountability, insight and understanding, the empowerment of employees and the need for immediate action to maximise value for the customer. The long-term aim is for all of our quality management systems to comply in full with the requirements of ISO 9001.