Ever since Blå Station was founded in 1986 the company has focused on environmental issues and works to seven + one criteria for sustainable development.


Our seven + one criteria for sustainable development:

  • Higher material quality for better furniture with longer durability 
  • Higher design quality to ensure that the furniture is modern and can remain in the market for a longer time 
  • Higher environmental awareness so that production and processes become environmentally efficient and energy consumption decreases 
  • Higher logistic environmental awareness to reduce transport 
  • Recyclable materials to reduce raw-material consumption 
  • Renewable materials to conserve the Earth’s resources 
  • Etics & Morality so we can be sure that our furniture is made according to the best and most honest fundamental values

Last but not least, to facilitate a conscious and well-thought-out choice, all our production takes place locally in the Nordic and Baltic region, which benefits the product from a quality and sustainability perspective. This is an assurance that everything is made properly!

By fulfilling these criteria in our work we have, for example, taken a leading position in minimising the formaldehyde content of moulded wood components. For a long time we didn’t use chrome finishes on our steel components – instead we chose stainless steel, which is a better environmental alternative. Now that chroming techniques are available which meet stringent environmental requirements, we have chosen to include this surface treatment for our products.