To minimise the environmental impact of our products we would like you to check what recycling regulations apply in your area and whether there is a recycling centre nearby.

A few general tips on how to dispose of waste:

Take packaging to the appropriate recycling facilities for plastic and cardboard.  

Steel and aluminium components can be recycled and you should take them to your nearest recycling centre. 

Wood can be recycled to make new products or generate energy. Take components made of wood to your nearest recycling centre or place them in the bin for combustible waste.  

Textiles & Filling Materials
Textiles and filling materials can be recycled or used to generate energy, and should be taken to your nearest recycling centre.     

Plastic is recyclable or can be used to generate energy. Take plastic items to your nearest recycling centre. 

Blå Station takes its producer responsibility seriously when it comes to packaging materials and is affiliated to REPA, the service organisation for the Swedish packaging collection and recycling system.