Blå Station supports the UN Global Compact, which comprises 10 principles for companies’ actions regarding human rights, labour law, environmental practices and anti-corruption measures.

Human rights
Blå Station supports and respects the protection of international human rights within the sphere that we can influence, and we do not participate in breaches of human rights.  

Labour law
Blå Station supports freedom of association and recognizes the right to collective bargaining. We oppose all forms of forced labour, child labour and discrimination concerning employment and performance of work tasks. 

Blå Station promotes a positive working environment in which individuals can grow and develop. We strive to create a holistic environment that values individual differences and respects individual needs. At Blå Station we treat each other with respect and do not tolerate harassment or threats. We maintain a safe and secure working environment and respect employees’ obligations to previous employers, such as not divulging confidential information. Blå Station complies with applicable laws and industry standards for labour law, working hours, overtime and salaries. 

Blå Station supports and works according to the precautionary principle as regards environmental risks and encourages its business partners and customers to act in an environmentally responsible way. Blå Station aims to combine innovation and materials with industry and design to make humanitarian and environmentally aware progress. 

See our environmental policy for more details. 

Tackling corruption
Blå Station counteracts all forms of corruption, including blackmail and bribery. We understand and comply with laws on cross-border trade. We protect personal and confidential information from our business partners and customers and avoid conflicts of interest. We do not give or receive questionable donations, gifts or suspicious payments. We strive to create long-term relationships with our business partners and comply with laws and ordinances concerning an open and free market.