Blå Station is a design company with its own development, production, marketing and sales of smart, innovative, sustainable quality furniture for a long life in public environments. This is done under its own international brand.

For us, an active environmental focus has always been natural and this is reflected in our choices of materials and production processes.

  • In product development, purchasing and production, we will choose the best and most environmentally friendly alternatives in terms of materials, methods and suppliers.
  • We will actively and consciously work to minimize our consumption of fossil fuels linked to transport by planning production clusters and coordinating production logistics and freight.
  • We will consciously plan our staff trips.
  • Our goal is to use only 100% renewable energy in our premises.
  • We will work with environmentally friendly residual and waste management within the company.
  • We will think about our use of resources such as water supply and consumables when work is performed.
  • Our furniture will contain a certain amount of recycled material.
  • We will prevent pollution by maintaining and servicing equipment and vehicles and handling chemicals in a safe way to protect our common environment.
  • We must comply with internal and external requirements, applicable legislation and other binding requirements.
  • We will have a long-term perspective with our improvement work by engaging our staff and developing our environmental management system and our operations to achieve even higher environmental performance.


Åhus | 2021-03-17 | Blå Station | AB Johan Lindau VD