We at Blå Station strive to be as open and accommodating as possible when handling personal data. Below are the guidelines and policies we are working towards.

When ordering or asking for quotation we will process your personal information to enable the completion of the task and save information to speed up future tasks.

When applying for a job, we will process the information you provide such as personal letter and CV to enable the recruitment process.

Upon employment, we will store your personal information in payroll systems and, by consent, publish your name, photo, email and telephone number on the website.

When registering for the e-mail newsletter we will send news about products, the company, general marketing and invitations to fairs and events.

When visiting fairs or events where information is handed over such as a business card or e-mail address, we will by consent sign you up for the e-mail newsletter.

When using the Ginkgo Wall Planner, Gaia Wall Planner and BOB Planner tools, we will save the specified data to complete and return the request.

We have varied and limited access to personal data on third party platforms where we are represented, such as BimObjects, Architonic, Archiproducts and Stylepark.

We will not sell your information to third parties.

We will ensure that your personal data is stored in a secure and confidential manner.

You can request correction / deletion or access to your information.