In 2010 we revolutionized tubular steel furniture with our introduction of the Straw chair. 2013 Straw’s big brother Superkink arrived on the scene and 2015 came the new sibling Superstraw. What makes Superstraw unique is the way in which the tubular steel has been deformed. Instead of forming the frame in gentle bends, the designers Osko + Deichmann have folded the steel tubes.

Kinked tubular steel

The City of Berlin approached young German designers there with the mission of interpreting Bauhaus in small
separate exhibitions during the 90th anniversary of Bauhaus in 2009. For decades, interpreting Bauhaus was a task that many people have been given or taken on themselves.

With Straw, Osko + Deichmann pay homage to classic tubular steel furniture, while simultaneously challenging convention both visually and physically, and introducing a striking new expression to the canon of the design. The contrast with the otherwise rounded shape of the tube produces a result that seems almost to have been fashioned by hand.