Sit on it, sit around it, or create a little cityscape at home or in any kind of public setting. Plybord is that missing furniture piece that is always needed. 

If it is a seat, a stool, or a table doesn’t matter; it is there to be used. Easy to move around, and perfect as a plaything for kids and adults. And left alone it stands out in own right: mimetic boxes that makes one think of cities not yet visited, of cases to pack, of secrets hidden away.

Blå Station’s CEO and design manager Johan Lindau got smitten by the challenge to turn well-tempered fur plywood into objects of desire. ’I experimented with different kinds of miter and joint,' explains Johan Lindau, 'my challenge was to achieve seamless expression without adding an internal support structure.' He acknowledges the difficulty, but everything is possible with good wood craftmanship.' A pigmented dye highlights the wood grain that give Plybord a dynamic and vibrant expression.