Click here to start Park+ Planner! 

It all begins with a Start-Section, then maybe add an Extension Section or why not Linking Tables directly on each side, connect the next Start-Section at an angle of choice to the table and configure the colors, sort of wood and fabrics you want. Continue to build with Start-Sections, Extension Sections and Linking Tables until you are completely satisfied with what you have created, with Park+ Planner the entire well-thought-out Park+ system is at your disposal.

The planner is a perfect tool for discovering the Park+ system's full potential in an easy way. We are looking forward of taking part in your design, because if there is one thing we have learned from the previous Product Planners is that we will be surprised, time and time again, by all the amazing creativity.

Additional fabrics, leather and colors for the seats, gables and table top are offered but are not available in the Planner, contact us for more information.