Gaia is a sound absorber with four symmetrical pieces representing the four elements: fire, earth, wind and water. Gaia means Mother Earth. The four elements can be combined in millions of different ways with an infinite range of possible combinations. Gaia gives the room the best sound quality while creating a colorful and inspiring ambient.

Recycled, Renewable and Refined!

Starting from the inside with the Polyester form felt which is the foundation of the sound absorbers Arc, Gaia and Ginkgo. The form felt not only provides excellent acoustic properties but is also an environmentally sustainable material that consists of an average of 50% recycled plastic (PET) from consumer PET bottles.

To further reduce the use of plastics, there is now the option where the Polyester form felt is mixed with 30% of the renewable material Hemp fibers. The hemp material also gives the product a completely new and exciting expression, while maintaining the acoustic properties.

Dress the panels in  textile and invite your creative design ideas with the refined "EU-flower" -labelled wool fabrics, such as Synegry that are offered as standard. Sustainable inside and out.

Gaia Planner 700.jpg

Gaia Wall Planner

Design your own Gaia wall! Use the Gaia Wall Planner and build the Gaia combination you like. 

Enter the wall measurements and then choose what colors you like. The number of Gaia and the fabrics are collected in a list and you can easily print a drawing that can be helpful during assembly.

Click here to start the Gaia Wall Planner!