Work doesn’t have to tie you to an office desk. Meetings don’t need conference rooms. BOB Job, is the perfect solution for a casual and creative workspace: a sofa system which can be configured in any conceivable way.

Add tables, shelves for magazines and documents, and why not plants and flowers?

And of course partitions for private conversations and face-to-face meetings.
If BOB is the ultimate sofa system with an unsurpassed buildable flexibility that can adjust to whatever space and endow it with character, then BOB Job is the crowning feature: the possibility to cater to any imaginable need. Add-ons in oak, ash, and stained variations together with six different padded partitions offers privacy and an abundance of different spaces in both offices and public spaces..



BOB JOB Planner

Check out the new BOB JOB Planner – it’s ready to use! It will help you create all of the formations and variants you could possibly want. You can choose from the full library of the fabrics MainLine Flax and Rami, select the colour, save an image and send a price inquiry direct to us. Other fabrics are available to order, but not visual in the Planner.

It is a perfect tool to discover the full potential of the BOB system in an easy to use way. We are exited to take part of all the creative, unexpected and great variants you will come up with.

Click here to start BOB JOB Planner!