Stove is no longer a part of our regular product range and is only available for projects. Please contact us for more information.

Not only are our homes getting smaller today, so are restaurants, bars and cafes too. “What is the smallest functional chair, that could still be comfortable to sit on?” designer Gabriel Tan asked himself and looked into how the shaker movement designed for their way of life, Stove is a three-legged chair with a short backrest and a seat shape inspired by the shaker stove. Stove can be hung on the included wall-mounted peg, or on a peg rail.


"why isn't anyone doing this today?"

Gabriel Tan: The chair is really about two things I love the most about the shakers, one - that they hung their furniture and stuff on the wall when they don't use it. It's such a clever idea and I thought "why isn't anyone doing this today?". And two - the unusual shape of the wood-fire Shaker Stove. I gave myself a target of designing a chair what was small and light enough to be hung on the wall, but not upside down, it had to be hung upright so that it can be displayed like a sculpture. The softened, convex form of the seat gives comfort while being small, and the low back rest gives you just enough lumbar support. I made Stove three legged to remove weight from the solid wood chair. The result is the smallest possible chair I could imagine people sitting on comfortably and I also designed a peg goes along with it and a peg rail.