Poppe | O151HA is no longer a part of our regular product range and is only available for projects. Please contact us for more information.

Stefan Borselius + Bernstrand & Lindau 2015/2016

Poppe is a neat and comfortable easy chair that with its exact sitting angle and thinnest possible shell is shaped as the narrowest possible easy chair. In the public room there isn't always space for large easy chairs but there will always be space for a Poppe! Poppe is available with a swivel or four legged frame.

Poppe – A growing family

Poppe is like an attractive, tall chameleon that fits all assignments, all environments and all users. Poppe is quite simply an easy chair that can both fill unexploited space and fulfil the customers’ demands for more usable seats.

Despite its slim figure, Poppe is a comfortable easy chair that copes with all body shapes; long and short, fat and thin – and short or long seated periods.

Poppe emerged on the scene as an easy chair in 2015 and has grown into a family with four different chassis, of which two are low easy chairs and two are chairs with a higher seat height. Poppe is available with a high or low back and with an encircling arm support. In 2016, Poppe went from 2 models to 16.