Pebble is no longer a part of our regular product range and is only available for projects. Please contact us for more information.

Pebble is a sofa and easy chair- range that could provide both calm and an opportunity to recharge – right in the midst of a hectic life. As the name indicates the range is inspired by rocks and stones, because of their size, strength and unchangeable qualities, they symbolize harmony. Pebble comes an easy chair, a 2-seater sofa and a 3-Seater sofa, which can as well be used as a daybed extra bed when you have night guests. The easy chair can be accompanied by a footstool.

In their studio the designers noticed a small, beautifully rounded pebble. It was dark grey, very smooth and had a neat white line running across it. The line as a graphic element, together with the pebble’s pleasant form and texture, became the base for the design in PEBBLE. They also added a functional ornament, the wire frame enclosing the sofa and holding the loose cushions in place, to create an interesting line pattern often found on stones. Pebble was shown as a prototype for the first time at Salone Satelite on Salone del Mobile Fair in Milano in 2005.