Sting is back! Made in just two materials: aluminum and stainless steel. At home indoors as well as outdoor. Sting has that perfect tilt of the backrest. Now Fredrik Mattson and Stefan Borselius’ stackable and linkable chair is back in business with the same exact profile and its very precise graphic language.

Sting – the world’s most innovative chair

"Design an entirely normal chair – made in an entirely new way”. Such was the assignment that Fredrik Mattson and Stefan Borselius obtained that resulted in a chair that would make us proud, both then, now and far into the future. Sting is still the world's most innovative chair!

The aluminum is now sourced almost exclusively from reused material processed at Hydro’s remelting facility in Sjunnen, Sweden. The profiles are made in Hydro Restore which consist of 90% recycled aluminium and Sting is 100% recyclable. The weight of one chair is 6kg and it stacks up to 50pcs in a trolly, easy to store away when not in use. It is linkable and comes with various seat pads and a writing table. Available with armrests for projects.