In a world constantly flooded with new digital and human-abandoned solutions, Veva became an opportunity for us to return to the simple, the obvious - what the eye sees and understands - in an instant.

VEVA is available in 4000 different heights if we count every millimeter.

In the near future the function of cranking may no longer be a matter of course. For us, a crank conveys that something can be turned, go up and down, in or out. We automatically grab the knob and start cranking to see what happens. We can almost see our new table, Veva, as an educational product, to preserve a simple and, for us, obvious manual intervention. We are functionalists after all. But, in the small, custom-made-by-us crankcase, major, advanced technology can be found. A technique that normally requires completely different volumes to work. Come on - Here’s VEVA!