Carpenter and artist and designer Fredrik Paulsen is the latest addition to our team of designers. The Röhsska chair was named after the leading Swedish design museum that will reopen in 2019. Röhsska meets artisanry in industrial production and of course, the chair has been produced in Sweden, with Swedish wages and the design following Swedish sustainability ideals. The frame construction in 150 year-old beech from Skåne is complemented by a seat and backrest made from Swedish pine plywood making the chair homegrown in every sense of the word. The chair is now accompanied by a barstool for Fredrik’s Designbar at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020.

The Exhibition

Röhsska design museum did exhibit Fredrik’s eponymous chair in 2019 as part of Unmaking Democratic Design in which he challanged a certain Swedish furniture giant’s attempts to take credit for the concept of democratic design – just how democratic is it, if the price of the product is the sole determiner and not thoughts of where and what it actually costs.