The light and nimble modular sofa system Unit is updated with a new frame that makes it more accessible and gives Unit an even lighter expression – truly like a magic carpet!

But why stop there?
Unit is as always available as a stool, easy chair, table section and now also as a brand-new corner section to complete the system and bring it to new environments with a greater creative canvas.

Unit is based on two key characteristics to adjust to different architectural spaces. The first is that it gives a light impression. With its thin seat upholstery held by the updated frame, Unit exudes the impression that it is floating above the floor.

The second characteristic is the configuration in a square grid. Since each module is quadratic it allows great variety and the modules can be connected, one by one, with a variety of colours, crosswise and lengthwise. Unit is perfect for many different spaces; big, small, wide, narrow, public and at home.

Design: Tomoyuki Matsuoka 2016 - 2023

Unit 1.jpg

Unit 2.jpg

Unit 4.jpg

Unit 5.jpg