"Swedish Design Awards by RUM" has just ended and now when the dust has slowly settled after the gala party, it is clear that Fredrik Paulsen is Designer of the Year 2020! Congratulations from all of us at Blå Station!

We are of course very proud to work with Fredrik where the result so far is the stunning Röhsska chair, who this year gets a big brother in the form of a bar stool. The Röhsska family is shown at our stand and in the Designbar during the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

The jurys motivation:
"Fredrik Paulsen: for his innovative design language and exciting material work. He often works on the border between art and design, and preferably with easily accessible materials. Fredrik Paulsen is current with the Röhsska chair for Blå Station and he also designs the bar at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020."

Come and test Rösska at our stand or have a lunch at the Designbar at the fair, which this year is designed by Fredrik and is guaranteed to be something out of the ordinary.

1Röhsska_Blå_Hallen 015.jpg