Finally, it's the time of year again when we prepare to showcase all the exiting and new products we have worked on, where Stockholm Furniture Fair is the starting point.

The Stockholm Furniture Fair takes place from 5th to the 9th of February and is one of the world's largest meeting places for Scandinavian design. See you in Stockholm!

Where: Stockholm
When: 5-9 feb 2019
Stand: B02:15



Design: Borselius & Bernstrand 2017 - 2019

In the autumn of 2018 we launched Bob Job at Orgatec with a wide range of tables and shelving systems available in oak and black. We are also adding partitions in 6 different sizes in all the colours and textures that give Bob its special character. And isn’t it just great to turn your back on all desks, conference rooms and other strict office set-ups, and just melt into the relaxing yet hyper-creative activity based office? Bob Job allows for private discussions, individual work and all types of meeting, be them face-to-face or digital.



Design: Borselius & Bernstrand 2019

We simply couldn’t say no to all the requests from customers (and our team) for a Bob sofa perfect for the home. By making it 9 centimetres deeper with even softer cushioning, Bob Home creates an intimate, homely sofa experience. Choose from straight sofas of varying lengths and corner sofas – or why not go for a generous armchair? If the regular armrests take up too much space, a new more slender version is available that traces the contours of Bob Home perfectly. Perfect for use in the home as well as cafes, lounges, bars and restaurants.



Design: Borselius & Bernstrand 2019

Obviously Bob needs a lamp, and this high overhead light meticulously follows Bob’s contours and is mounted on the backrest. Alongside Bob Job at the Stockholm Furniture Fair we will be launching Bob Light in collaboration with Zero, a space-shaping lighting solution that can be integrated directly into the Bob backrest. The dimmable LED lamp nested behind the convex diffuser can be pivoted to create intimate and focused lighting. It is also available as a freestanding floor lamp and pendant. All three designs created for our modular sofa system Bob are available from Blå Station and the freestanding floor lamp and pendant can be purchased from Zero directly.



Design: Borselius & Bernstrand 2019

Bubbles’s playful shapes break up strict and square environments. A decorative graphic table with three different sized stylised bubbles. They can be adjusted if you simply want more. They bubble over into the room. The matte lacquered table-top comes in laser-cut aluminium and is supported by a stainless steel structure. Available in many colours from Black and white to sand, terracotta, anthracite and clay. Can be used indoors as well as outdoors.



Design: Borselius & Bernstrand 2019

The cylinder that pierces through the glass table top is just waiting for some flowers, snacks, wine bottles, toys or that little touch that brings the design together. Bucket longs to be the centre of attention. Not just a table, but a design piece that constantly changes character. Just look at the contrast between the rounded or gently curved square table top and the cylindrical base available in earthy varnishes inspired by sand, terracotta, anthracite and clay. Even more colours are available.



Design: Stone Designs 2019

Stone Designs brings its third sound absorber to Blå Station. Arc is inspired by the arcades of the Colosseum in Rome and can be used in many vertical and horizontal configurations. The panels deflect irritating sound as the reliefs absorb sound waves. The Arc Wall Planner is set to be released on our website and can be combined as you wish with Acoustic Facts providing information about sound-absorbing values.



 Fredrik Paulsen 2019

Carpenter, artist and designer Fredrik Paulsen is the latest addition to our team of designers. The Röhsska chair was named after the leading Swedish design museum that will reopen on 23 February. Röhsska design museum will exhibit Fredrik’s eponymous chair as part of Unmaking Democratic Design in which he challenges a certain Swedish furniture giant’s attempts to take credit for the concept of democratic design – just how democratic is it, if the price of the product is the sole determiner and not thoughts of where and what it actually costs. Röhsska meets artisanry in industrial production and of course, the chair has been produced in Sweden, with Swedish wages and the design following Swedish sustainability ideals. It is delivered as a flat-pack product. The frame construction in 150 year-old beech from Skåne is complemented by a seat and backrest made from Swedish pine plywood making the chair homegrown in every sense of the word.



Design: Outofstock Design 2016 - 2019

Our Åhus chair is now available as a three-seater sofa. The precise graphic form balances the ample cushions and smart adjustable backrest. No superfluous elements, but packed with character. Compatible with both contemporary and historical settings.



Design: Borselius & Bernstrand 2018 - 2019

Jack is now available both as a sculptural freestanding version without an electrical outlet where the shape is emphasized or as the practically connected table that multiplies any wall outlets.