Pinzo is a raw-hewn, sturdy little punk of a chair. Stubby and with a springy inclination, and offers an almost brutal simplicity of construction, with a finger jointed backrest and a hole as a little handle in the lower part of the seat.


Pinzo is more than an object; it’s a stubborn little fellow with an inviting character. David’s chair, consisting of just six pieces, pays clear homage to the Italian master Enzo Mari and his straightforward approach to wood.
African seating shaped directly from tree trunks has also inspired the design. Pinzo is quite obviously the soul mate of the recently launched Röhsska, because it’s all about taking wood to its extreme: hard-core sustainable and truly long-lasting. The chair will be available in natural wood colour, snow, burgundy and iron sulphate, as well as a black tinted version, all showing off the wood grain.

Design: David Ericsson 2019