Light and soft, and like it's sketched as a comic strip furniture piece, but made out of heavy duty massive ash. Maximus is a playful departure from angular and rational furniture with a mimetic attitude reminiscent of Keith Haring.


Johan Ansander completed his master degree at Konstfack, University of Arts, Crafts and Design last year, and was immediately approached by Blå Station. Using 3D-modelling CAD-software for CNC wood routers, Johan Ansander aims to explore how locally sourced material can be used in a contemporary way. Maximus is all but angular with laid-back comfy forms. Both the seat and the backrest are made out of two reversed pieces of ash; the legs are also made out of massive wood. Maximus is available in clear lacquered wood, or a choice of colours. Black and red is Johan Ansander’s favourite.

"During my thesis I found a small sawmill just outside Stockholm that handles locally harvested timber that we follow from a natural raw material to a refined form for human needs.”
Johan Ansander

The production of Maximus now takes place on a slightly larger scale with Johan Ansander's main idea characterizes the entire product.