Is it an abstract sculpture? A mimetic design resembling a face? Or is it just a little table?

Of course it is a table. And so much more. LIV by Ola Giertz is playfulness made out of three seemingly simple pieces of wood. The geometrical shapes give an intriguing mimetic expression: is it a face,  a reminiscing of abstract art, or is it a balancing act? LIV is all in one form with a strong graphic character.

'I played with different forms in a 3D-program,' says Ola Giertz who is based in Helsingborg, south Sweden. 'It's like puzzle, you play with blocks and different geometric shapes until it all is balanced together.'

LIV will enliven any kind of space with a design that is more than its individual parts: a cylinder for stability, a rectangle with rounded corner for height, and a flat round table top. Choose between oak and ash, or go for a stained finish. 

Ola Giertz, who once learned design and wood working at Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies, has always been striving for simplicity in a design portfolio that ranges from lighting to bathroom accessories to furniture. And always with a good dose of playfulness. LIV is named after his daughter, and his design is proud to go beyond the mere functionality of things.''I scale down and reduce to the bare essentials in all my projects,' Ola adds. 'Working with basic forms is my way to reach a broader public. And design has to make a difference: it has to encompass playfuness and lots of character.'

Design: Ola Giertz 2022