Jackless has been reincarnated all in wood, a small technological feat without precedence. Never before has a cone this big been made in wood with such perfect form and without almost any waste of material.

Jackless Wood improves on the original Jackless table by replacing aluminum and steel with just wood. The trick is to produce a giant cone with outmost stability but just made of recycled paper and wood veneer. Stefan Borselius and Thomas Bernstrand's design has maganaged to lower its carbon footprint remarkably.

- It is quite a technological innovation to create a perfect cone in wood says Johan Lindau, product manager and CEO at Blå Station. Jackless is now available in a more sustainable version with a thickness of a mere 3 to 4 millimeter, all made out of single sheet of wood veneer pressed on recycled paper. 

It might sound like a fragile design, but it is quite the oppostie. The form itself gives stability, enough to carry an elephant on the table, according to Johan Lindau. The amount of waste is down to a minimum, while the tapered off edge of the tabletop underlines the slender design. 

Jackless is now in its wood version even softer in expression, lighter and more sustainable. The wood endows Jackless Wood with a natural texture on a perfectly shaped surface. The table will excel as a stand-alone or as a multitude, an elegant addition to any domestic or public space. Jackless Wood is available in ash, oak, and walnut, and also with a stained finish in many colors.

Design: Bernstrand & Borselius 2022

BS 220904  09b 1200.jpg