Innovation C is now dressed up all monochrome for its 20-year anniversary! Using a tablet, a laptop or whatever electronic device simplifies the working environment, the workplace not confined to a desk but possible everywhere. New ways of working demanding new furniture typologies. Fredrik Mattson’s Innovation C was almost a big question mark shaped as poignant graphic icon: how can it be used? Is the arm a backrest or a little table? But sure, it is both!

Make your choice: rest or work, or just sit. Swivel around to take in the view. Innovation C remains the original multifunctional furniture piece two decades later. 

Design is supposed to be more than just function, it is about communication, to adopt an international approach triggered by contemporary challenges. Redesigning old typologies is not the future, but inventing new ones. Fredrik Mattson’s first award was presented by the Princess Lilian while the press raved about Innovation C. Twenty years later, Innovation C remains the original multifunctional furniture piece for the urban nomad and the causal workplace of the future: an upholstered chair, a bookrest, a chaise lounge covered with lush fabric or leather, a working space.

Design: Fredrik Mattson 2002-2022