The BOB family continues to grow with BOB Hide that allows for private spaces, as well as a changing vertical graphic profile. One straight, and one cut module will let BOB Hide flow as freely as big brother BOB along walls, around meeting areas, adopting to any kind of space.

with BOB Hide facing fully clothed in every direction. The sturdy yet soft mould of foam, can be ordered in a broad selection of fabrics and colours. Add screen dividers in different fabrics to subdivide the private spaces created.

”We have been thinking about BOB Hide since Bob was launched. It’s the same math with a straight and a cut module that allows for any undulating shape preferred. BOB Hide will give you a relaxed and protected space, further enhanced by optional dividers in textile or Plexiglas.”
Stefan Borselius

Design: Bernstrand & Borselius

Bob Hide_021.jpg

Bob Hide_036.jpg

Bob Hide_007.jpg