BOB Biz - offers flexible solutions for interactive communal spaces as well as private ones.

The undulating soft openness of the BOB sofa system, by Stefan Borselius and Thomas Bernstrand, can now be enhanced with secluded and more private spaces thanks to BOB BIZ. Break away from the community for a while for an intensive face-to-face meeting, or a social chat, or a brainstorming mini conference. The padded screens will create enclosed spaces out of the BOB seating modules and BOB BIZ screens. ‘We can build entire rooms,’ says Thomas Bernstrand, ‘BOB BIZ can be a space for 2 people, for 4, for 6... you can just keep adding it longer and longer.’ BOB BIZ is of course well padded for good acoustics and are available in two versions: one open and one closed.

Design: Bernstrand & Borselius 2017-2023

BOB BIZ Render 1.jpg