Are we ABLE to think inside the box? The constant shrinking box, with walls of rules, regulations, laws, certificates, and demands.

There is no newness to Blå Station when it comes to addressing issues such as sustainability, durability, and timelessness. In fact, since 1986 and the birth of the company, these factors have been constant throughout every design. However, could all questions and demands be addressed in one product? Could one product be sustainable, recyclable, upgradeable, changeable, renewable, dismountable, traceable, serviceable, adaptable, and still lovable? ABLE is more than a chair, more than an armchair. A polyfunctional, yet concrete and honest character. 100% recyclable. So, yes, we are ABLE!

Design: Lindau, Borselius & Bernstrand 20241Able_005.jpg



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