Blå Station is a design company with its own development, production, marketing and sales of smart, innovative, sustainable quality furniture for a long life in public environments. This is done under its own international brand.

For us, an active environmental focus has always been natural and this is reflected in our choices of materials and production processes.

  • Blå Station's customer service will always be professional with the company's and the customer's best interests in focus.
  • We will be flexible and responsive to the customer's and the market's needs and requirements in symbiosis with the best interests of the environment in focus.
  • Our furniture will be of the highest quality and meet the quality requirements that our customers may set.
  • New materials and processes are always checked against established environmental and quality requirements.
  • Our employees will receive the right training from recruitment, introduction and basic training to individual continuing education in order to possess the right competence.
  • Our work will be characterized by each employee having the right skills and taking full responsibility for their own tasks, for the company's overall credibility as a reliable supplier.
  • Our products will maintain high quality in terms of durability, finish, function and material, which thereby ensures that the product has a lifespan that meets the customer's requirements and expectations.
  • We will test our furniture at accredited testing institutes according to relevant international standards with regard to strength, stability and durability.
  • We will work preventively and proactively to avoid deviations and complaints.
  • We will work long-term with continuous improvement of our routines to increase efficiency and achieve set goals as well as meet applicable legislation and other requirements.
  • We work continuously with documented and measurable quality follow-up.
  • Our furniture must be of the quality that enables 100% recyclability and circularity.

Åhus | 2021-03-17 | Blå Station | AB Johan Lindau VD