Vardag, Lotta Josefsson, born 1968 in Lund, and Annette Petersson, born 1969 in Gothenburg. Educated at the University College for Design and Handicraft in Gothenburg.

Both are interior designers who met at HDK in Gothenburg. Early on during their education they found similarities in their ways of expressing themselves in design and have worked together ever since. When they design furniture, they call themselves ‘Vardag’ which means ‘day-to-day’. They are down to earth without being boring, exactly like their designs.

Lotta & Annette are inspired by film, architecture and urban structures. They appreciate intelligent design without compromise which demonstrates strong and clear ideas in their contemporary expressionism.

They work well together and have the same direct approach to design. The ideas behind their objects are clear and obvious. They are simple and clearly defined without becoming anonymously minimalistic. They create timeless and functional furniture which can take day-to-day wear and tear.