Peter Molin. Born in 1962 in Kristianstad, Sweden. After three years studying Wood Science and Engineering in Osby in the south of Sweden, Peter spent a couple of months as a trainee with Börge Lindau at Blå Station in Åhus.

It was during this time that the spark of creativity was ignited within him. With his creative nature and personality as a self-confessed “talkative listener”, Peter has never experienced any difficulty in taking hold of a project and seeing it through to the end. Nor is there ever any lack of ideas for new projects.

Impulsive and inquisitive, Peter finds inspiration in everything that surrounds him. Many of his ideas emerge fully formed from his head and are frequently translated directly into full-scale 1:1 models. Simple lines and shapes are transformed into functional, highly practical products – more often than not in the form of something to sit on.

As Peter’s skills as a designer are more or less self-taught, his talents as a craftsman and his close liaisons with industry are indispensable for the success of his work. Of course, many years’ cooperation with a number of furniture manufacturers and suppliers also play an important role in the process.

Tenacity and perseverance are the greatest driving forces behind Peter’s creativity. And, for him, due consideration for the environment is a must.