Born in Stockholm in 1964, but currently living in Copenhagen from where she runs her own design studio. Studied at the University College of Arts in Stockholm and at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

Mia first arrived as a newly qualified architect to spend a year with us at Blå Station in Åhus, Sweden, as an assistant draughtsman to Börge Lindau. It was Mia’s first experience of the design world, and she was eager to learn and to take everything in.

Since then, Mia has pursued her own career and won several international awards and prizes for her product designs. Mia’s strength lies in always keeping her eyes and ears open, cultivating a constantly inquisitive approach that means always asking questions – and giving answers. Nothing is too small or unimportant. Nothing is left to chance. If you don’t ask, you don’t get any answers...

Professionally and personally, Mia is a mixture of a perfectionist and functionalist, yet she always manages to maintain a humble attitude to problem-solving, reassured by her faith in the belief that everything will work out in the end. But one thing Mia doesn’t like is losing. She’s a warm person with an open heart, as easy to read as a book even though there is still a lot that’s hidden there between the lines. Mia is close to wonderment, close to scepticism, close to laughter. Close to her feelings.

To Mia, design is a game. A game that is built around shapes, a respect for production and close cooperation between people. Works is almost always a team effort among large or small groups of people with their own different skills. Creating a dialogue is important. It means that Mia can take control of a project with a sure hand and see it through from the very first sketch all the way to the finished product. Her interest in industrial production, new materials and new production techniques, combined with her sense of creativity results in beautiful, functional products where the needs of the user are always the prime consideration.

Mia’s first product for Blå Station is Hippo – a wooden chair that takes the distinctive lines of a traditional Swedish stick-back chair and adds a generous helping of light-hearted modernity. And it’s not alone. There’s a table too.

Let Hippo be Happy!

P.S. We (almost) “adopted” Mia during her year with us, so that today we regard her very much as one of the family. Even though we haven’t produced any of Mia’s designs previously, the door has always been open. It quite simply hasn’t happened… at least, not until now!