When Australian Marcel Sigel was named Best Young Designer by Wallpaper in 2004, he was just starting out with the multidisciplinary Zuii design studio in Melbourne. Nowadays Marcel is based in London, but frequently works in Sydney too.

Working with clients around the world, he is often intrigued by everyday objects and how they can be improved. There is certain lightness to his designs, which are inspired by slender, almost woven textile strips, but he might also go for solid, strongly coloured, playful furniture.


You must have a dream project?

“Of course, I’d love to work with design in space. Imagine no gravity! That gives you a totally different set of parameters, and I love design briefs confined by reality.”

Why are you in love with Scandinavian design?

“It has a feeling to it that’s hardly a conscious thing, it’s not overly commercial and I can relate to the simplicity and honesty in form. I want to work along the same path: nothing unnecessary and thorough attention to detail.”

“It’s all about exploiting technology to its limits and pushing the materials to extremes. The final product doesn’t scream for attention; it’s a simple, ordinary-looking chair, familiar yet unique – and of course super-comfy!” Marcel Sigel