Jonas Forsman, born 1979 in Växjö. Educated as a civil engineer in technical design at Chalmers tekniska högskola in Gothenburg, and studied furniture design at Steneby school. Lectures at Chalmers and at the University of Skövde.

Jonas Forsman is a methodical problem solver. Young, humble and talented, he is a designer who carries out an in-depth analysis of each new product he works on. Functionality, requirement, technique, material and available solutions to similar problems are presented, studied and questioned.

Jonas’ driving force as a designer lies in geometry and in the challenge of combining several components to form one piece.  He finds the core of the product by reducing, combining and eliminating. Curiosity and persistence entice him to seek improvements to challenges he is confronted with, whether with furniture or other objects.   

Jonas strives to make functional durable products and is very ambitious. If anything should be done, it should be improved on, made easier and more functional than ever before. Bearing this in mind, it can take a long time before he approves a product, but when he finally does, then it’s an amazing creation!