Christine Schwarzer, born 1970 in Copenhagen. Educated as a designer at Denmarks Designskole in Copenhagen and at The University of Art and Design in Helsinki.

Christine has always sketched, and as a child she made her own toys with needle and thread, hammer and nails. She became a designer, but could just as easily have become an artist. She enjoys making things.

She gets great satisfaction from the creative process involved in designing furniture and other items. Her designs are simple and clear, graphically expressed, with no frills. Her passion lies in designing which is channelled into different forms of expressionism.

Her ideas are often the result of several fragments she’s collected and worked on. Christine is fascinated by modern art and loves to study colours, shapes, patterns and graphics. Even music can be a catalyst for her creative ideas. As a designer she wants to cut loose and challenge routine, but the objective of her designs is “to make the world a happier, more playful, fun and beautiful place”.