Christian Göbel, born 1972 in Sindelfingen (near Stuttgart). Educated at the University of Technology Stuttgart, State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart and University of Art and Design Helsinki (now called Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture).

Christian have a habit of observing everyday life situations closely, how people interact with objects, observing his own interactions and reactions as well. A good doorknob or chair can make him happy like a ray of sunshine and that is that kind of moments he treasure.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, in the case of Christian it usually comes from situations or experiences unrelated to design or the specific problem on which he work at the time. A shape or material could spark inspiration while seeing it in an unexpected context. The motivation is in most cases based on everyday needs and to find solutions that are satisfying in a broad sense.

Christian is interested in many different things from quantum physics to social behaviour.

He believe in the thesis: Less is more. Super natural is the natural.