Four times have products from Blå Station received Forsnäspriset. The prize did also play a role when Blå Station was founded. More about this you can read under the designerprofile of Börge Lindau.

Forsnäspriset was established in 1983 by the Swedish Institute for furniture (Möbelinstitutet) in collaboration with Forsnäs Fanérsitsfabrik Bröderna Bergqvist AB. The purpose of the award was to promote development and stimulate interest in the technique of compression moulded layer-glued wood furniture.
For 24 years the award was presented at the opening of the annual Stockholm International Furniture Fair. It became one of the most prestigious prizes in the Nordic furniture industry. The last prize was awarded in 2006. Since 2007, the prize has a new name, Nordiska designpriset för formpressade trämöbler.

Award-winning products from Blå Station
Beplus, 1987
Bimbo, 1994
Söndag, 1996
Stol 69, 2005

The jury's verdict
Beplus: Personal and modern development of a classic. The ply wood layering technique is used in a perfect synthesis of technology, form and function.
Jury: Åke Angarth, Hans Ehrlin, Anika Reuterswärd

Bimbo: Excellent in-every-way furniture with a simple and obvious design, a good example of the compression moulding technique; a rigid design makes the stool very steady, it can be stacked in a beautiful way, has the potential to become a classic.
Jury: Andrejs Legzdins, Kenneth Ståhl, Kerstin Wickman

Söndag: Bench Söndag, we want to reward this design for its minimal and unpretentious form. Using very few elements Lotta Josefsson and Anette Petersson have succeeded in creating a strong aesthetic expression. The bench size makes it useful for both public areas and in private homes. It has slim dimensions and a very sympathetic design. Here we can realistically talk about "Back to basics”.
Jury: Erik Berglund, Andrejs Legzdins, Kerstin Wickman

Stol 69: A shell chair with a sled base is now one of the most common designs in the furniture business. Here, the design is renewed using the tension of the legs to lock the whole construction. The seat shell design is greatly influenced by an innovative solution which is an automatic locking attachment to a springy steel underframe. Careful study of all phases of the performance of materials and of every stage of the manufacturing process, and adaptation to the compression moulding technique and its possabilities, has resulted in furniture of exceptional comfort and at a competitive price. A successful result of cooperation in an exemplary manner, between a purposeful producer and a talented designer.
Jury: Lars Bülow, Simo Heikkilä, Steinar Hindenes