The "most comfortable chair in the world", Boo, was awarded with Swedish Design Award, Design S, in 2008.

Svensk Form, SVID, Swedish Industrial Design Foundation and The Advertising Association of Sweden are the initiators of the Design S / Swedish Design Award, which since 2006 is awarded biannually to creative solutions to problems. The award singles out successful design and rewards creative solutions to problems with a focus on design for sustainability issues including climate, the environment, the welfare of society and the long-term quality of life.

Award-winning products from Blå Station
Innovation C, nominee 2006
Boo, winner 2008
Oppo, nominee 2010

The jury's verdict Boo
The BOO chair exemplifies a well implemented, user-focused design process. The seating shell in moulded formfelt with a textile-laminated surface simplifies the manufacturing process. A comfortably shaped end expressive chair with a self-assured attitude.

Unusually comfortable
Like furniture designer Bruno Mathsson’s search for the perfect seating curve, with BOO, Stefan Borselius has delved even deeper into the process of optimising a comfortable seating shell for different kinds of bodies. With its small dimensions BOO is welcoming in a generous, warm way. Unusually comfortable and ergonomic, it takes weight off the pelvic bones and supports the small of the back. It is an unusually good compromise in the balancing act required of office and contract furniture – to be not overly assertive but far from having no personality. Unusual in its lines, BOO has a unique side profile. The seat slopes forward but the seat’s depth balances the seating and makes it extremely comfortable, despite, or thanks to, the chair’s small and elegant volume. Stackable, of course, 100 % recyclable, and no, it might feel like suede but the sound-absorbent formfelt, which makes expensive upholstering unnecessary, is laminated with a durable microfibre fabric that is far more long-lasting than the “real” thing. All in all, BOO gives the expression “fits like a glove” a new, unique and contemporary meaning.