One brief – three products
Three designers – two + one invited
A new challenge and a 100% open design process!


Blå Station chose the first two designers: Stefan Borselius & Thomas Bernstrand. Between them, they chose a third; a woman, a design team or a foreign designer was the aim.


They chose Johan Lindau, Blå Station’s MD, designer and design manager, a Swedish man in his prime. Sometimes, that’s just how it is.





A typical, self-confident, independent Blå Station product – with an obvious attitude.

A modern classic, inspired by historical classics – but taking as its starting point the needs and opportunities of the future.



• Logistics
• Subcontractors
• Environment
• Stock management
• Assembly
• Quality
• Transport


• Price
• Variation with moderation
• Tool costs
• Future
• Storytelling
• Documentation throughout the process
• Product deadline: 1 Dec 2014




Thomas Bernstrand + Lindau & Borselius 2015


Honken is a generously spacious armchair that also functions as an intimate two seater sofa, made of durable steel and expanded metal but with sensually turned legs of solid oak. With the hope of it becoming a true classic the designer has given Honken all the conditions for living a very long life.


With a frame made of sturdy 30 mm tubing, a bottom plate of 6 mm steel and a sitting basket of expanded metal this frame is torsionally rigid and impact resistant and will survive even the toughest environments. And, when you give up, a new owner will take over, stretch out, put on a new coat of paint and sew new cushions.


This also makes Honken a good environmental choice and upholds sustainable development. Honken is available in two versions this with a back cushion and a version without a back cushion.








Stefan Borselius + Bernstrand & Lindau 2015


Poppe is a neat and comfortable swivel armchair that with its exact sitting angle and thinnest possible shell is shaped as the narrowest possible armchair. Poppe is an elegant and stately creation that is also thought to be a distant relative to Oppo.


Poppe is an armchair you simply do not just sit in, you sit with it. A slim character that inspires mobility. It isn't just easy to move and furnish with, it is also easy to move about in it.


In the public room there isn't always space for large armchairs but there will always be space for a Poppe! Poppe is also available with a four legged frame. 









Johan Lindau + Borselius & Bernstrand 2015


Comfortable armchair with castors and a simple steel frame, Morris JR takes its inspiration from an original from the 1960's with the name Morris, designed by Lindau & Lindekrantz. Morris JR is an easily placed flexible armchair where the loose back cushion serves as the finishing touch.


Morris JR works with mobility in a natural interplay with the user and makes it easy to put an interior in order after the users have left the room and refurnished it according to their own needs and functions.


With castors on the furniture you also save a few backs. Morris JR is also available without castors.