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New showroom Milan

13/11/2014  Welcome to join us in our brand new showroom in Milan! Thursday, November 13th – cocktail at 18.30. Via Osti, 3. Milan.

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ID: Blå Station

03/10/2014  Our new catalogue is ready!

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Code 27

04/02/2014  How long is a sofa? Ours can be as long as you want it to be…

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04/02/2014  The Kaffe family is equally at home indoors and outdoors. It is built to withstand outdoor environments that demand a great deal in terms of durability, but is also an ideal choice indoors.

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04/02/2014  In Japan, the ginkgo tree is venerated. Several ginkgo trees survived the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 and are still alive today. For this reason, the trees are considered a “bearer of hope” and a symbol of resilience and peace on the island nation. That is why the distinctive fan-shaped ginkgo leaf is a popular motif in Japanese art.

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Dent Wood

04/02/2014  Is it possible to create a 3D shape using a normal veneer? With Dent chair the impossible becomes possible.

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Koja Element

04/02/2014  The Koja series is all about space and rooms. That’s why it feels natural to expand the series with walls/elements and complete the room.

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Straw & Superkink

04/02/2014  No, we have not destroyed the properties of steel, we have simply stretched the limits of what is possible. What makes Straw unique is the way the tubular steel has been shaped.

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Furniture Personalities of the Year!

10/01/2014  Johan & Mimi Lindau from Blå Station have been awarded the accolade of Furniture Personalities of the Year for 2014. This accolade is awarded by Möbelriket Småland, an umbrella organisation for furniture companies and related parties in Småland Province, and the furniture conference Möbelriksdagen.

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05/02/2013  The Dent chair challenges the idea of the sleek and beautiful. It is the antithesis of perfect. It is a chair never seen before and, we dare to say, won’t leave anyone indifferent.

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