Are you like us searching for the unexpected – the yet-to-be discovered? For us, a product is not new just because it is new. To be considered new, it must demonstrate a new attitude towards shape, function, material or the industrial production process. We produce furniture that we like and which, to our minds, deserves a place in the market.

Code 27

The Code 27 sofa system has adaptability built into the design concept. The system is infinitely extendable.

Show product Borselius & Lindau


Ginkgo is an attractive sound-absorbing solution that combines Japanese tradition with a contemporary European perspective.

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Dent Dressed

The innovation Dent has opened the door to new possibilities, applications and forms. Now we present Dent Dressed – a newcomer in the Dent family.

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  1. 08 Jul Blå Station's annual SALE
    08/07/2015 - 10/07/2015
  2. 05 Sep Designers Saturday Oslo
    05/09/2015 - 06/09/2015
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